Become a 2017 Sponsor or Exhibitor

Sponsors for NAWC 2017



Why become an exhibitor at the CFHS National Animal Welfare Conference? 

  • QUALITY break time results in more face-to-face with delegates
  • Delegates are in the exhibit area for each and every break (lunch, too!)
  • Larger audience: This is the largest animal welfare conference in Canada with delegates from right across the country
  • ROI: we understand the importance of your conference ROI and will do what it takes to win your business each and every year!
  • Collaborate & Generate Leads with prospects and clients in a positive learning environment
  • Access the best and brightest thinkers in Canada’s animal welfare community
  • Raise your organization's profile with progressive animal welfare leaders
  • Demonstrate leadership by supporting Canada’s animal welfare agenda
  • Diverse Audience: our delegates represent diverse professions in the animal welfare movement, coming together to educate and inspire each other toward further change and support for all animals. Delegates hail from humane societies, SPCAs, animal care and control organizations, advocacy groups, veterinary practices, academia and government – and include the next generation of animal welfare professionals.
  • Convenient Locations: we make it EASY by choosing major Canadian city centres with strong connections to our nationwide community.
  • Low Cost Registration: we lower barriers to attending, allowing people from a wide range of organizations an opportunity to attend through accessible registration fees, travel grants and other supports.

These factors deliver a LARGE audience. Our track record as the largest animal welfare conference in Canada shows that this formula works!